Is tap water ruining your tea?

We came across this article from electronic water softener supplier Electrostore. It’s an interesting perspective on the effect of hard water on delicate teas and a possible solution:

You can take the greatest tea in the world and ruin it with bad water.

Not only does hard water (from your tap) make your lovely expensive green tea taste weird, but it also makes you splash out on new kettles, washing machines, showerheads etc. The experts have the cheek to say that water is good for you, but obviously NOT for your bank balance.

A water filter is one (obvious and good) option, while buying bottled is the other – but the scandalous prices of H2O in bottles should put you off. What other less obvious options are available for our proud nation of tea guzzlers? 

Well, do you live in a hard-water area? To find out, most water softener companies will be able to supply you with a free water testing kit. If you do live in a hard-water area, what can you do to save money?

Some tea blends cope better in hard-water areas but that doesn’t help if you want to experience the delicate flavours of the best leaf teas.  And this doesn’t help to prevent you from splashing out the cash to replace your poor defenceless kettle now does it?

The best solution to living in a hard-water area is to buy an electronic water descaler from a respected company – like Electro Store Online  ( –  which  is a little clever box that inhibits the limescale growth that damages domestic water systems and appliances. No plumbing or chemicals is needed, just fit it in and forget. Perfect.

Poor cups of tea may be a thing of the past! Your  taste buds, kettle, and wallet will thank you in the long run. Now we just need a solution to stop biscuits falling in your tea after dipping…..


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