Welcome to Cup of Tea

Yes it’s our first blog and just to set the scene here’s some background about us and our tea business.

We specialise in the very best teas and accessories from around the world. The majority of our teas are supplied by Ronnefeldt, one of the worlds top tea companies in the hospitality and catering sectors. Ronnefeldt have long term relationships with the tea growers and estates so you can be assured of superb and consistent quality.

Cup of Tea is the UK distributor of Ronnefeldt. Our customers are four and five star hotels throughout the UK and retail consumers who buy the same teas via our online shop at www.cupoftea.uk.com.

We’ve been trading in the UK since 2002 and have built up a fantastic and loyal base of customers both in the trade and retail sectors. We constantly add new teas and accessories to our range.

Tea fact: 1 gram of Matcha is the equivilent of 10 – 15 cups of regular green tea when it comes to antioxidents and nutrients. What is matcha? Look here: http://www.cupoftea.uk.com/products/734/matcha-izumi-organic


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